Minor optimizing of a Laravel workflow using UNIX, Bash, and Python.

  • Open the terminal
  • Start Mysql.
  • Cd into my project folder
  • Open the project in Atom
  • Run php artisan serve
  • Open the localhost url in my browser
cd /usr/local/bin && touch work.sh
sudo nano work.sh
#! /bin/bashecho “hey”
sudo chmod +x work.sh
ls -la
sudo vim .zshrc
alias work=’work.sh’
source ~/.zshrc
mkdir .work && cd .work
touch main.py
sudo chmod +x main.py
import os
import webbrowser
# Path to the folder that contains your apps
path = str(“/Users/kasper/Sites/”)
projectFolders = list(os.listdir(path)
# Loop through folders
i = 0
while i < len(projectFolders):
# Prints folder name and index
print projectFolders[i] + “[“,i , “]”
i += 1
# User choice
choice = raw_input(‘Which project will you work on?’)
  • Starting MySQL
  • Opens the site in the browser.
  • Navigate to our selected folder
  • Run php artisan serve
# Start mysql
os.system(“mysql.server start”)
# Open Browser
# Opens Atom
os.system(“atom “ + path + projectFolders[int(choice)])
# Navigate to folder, run php artisan serve
os.system( “cd “ + path + projectFolders[int(choice)] + “ && php artisan serve” )
vim /usr/local/bin/work.sh
#! /bin/bashpython /Users/username/.work/main.py




Hello, Nice to meet you! https://kasperkloster.dk/en

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Kasper Kloster

Kasper Kloster

Hello, Nice to meet you! https://kasperkloster.dk/en

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